There Is Always a Better Solution…


A SEO process consists of multiple stages, which involve different kinds of tasks.

Most SEO companies put everything into a black box and offer it to business owner upfront.

They charge a few thousands to start a SEO campaign without showing any results and knowing the process behind the scene.

All you can do is “trust” that they will deliver their promise few months later. And there is no guarantee the SEO campaign works!

This is a dilemma for most companies and stops them from engaging a professional SEO service for their websites.

But we believe there is a better way to overcome this problem.

We “Unbox” the SEO process into 3 stages and let you try the services.

You only pay for what you need and see the guarantee result before move on to next stage.

Each stage will clearly define the expectations and outcome once it is completed.


Stage #1 – Foundation

Design a comprehensive SEO Marketing plan and implement on-page optimization, sales copy, and necessary account setup such as Google Search Console and analytics tool.

Core Activities

  • Full website auditing & competition analysis.

  • Keyword research & recommendation.

  • On-Page optimization including tweaking Meta tag and content.

  • Ensure website structure and content follow google webmaster guideline to avoid Google Penguin penalty.

  • Setup Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and primary social accounts.

  • Set up goal and tracking with 3rd party weekly ranking report.

  • Setting up Google retargeting pixel and Facebook Remarketing pixel for remarketing ads.

  • Write and submit one press release to news websites, blogs, and social media.

  • Complete within 1 month.

Expected Result

  • All-important pages shall be indexed by Search Engine.

  • Your website will be featured in to 500+ News sites and 100+ Blogs, and Social Media.

  • Some Medium-Low competition keywords may show up in top 300 or top 100. The results may vary depending on the competitiveness level of the niche industry. We even have client’s keywords show up in top 40 or top 30.


  • Site is healthy and not penalized by Google. (We can help to do verification.)

  • Not a gambling or adult site


(One-Time Charge)



Stage #2 – Promotion

Perform off-site search engine optimization that works for the long term. Connect with other online authors, blog owners, and authority sites to seek their approval in promoting your content and website to their own audiences.

Core Activities

  • Link building campaign including foundation links, social bookmarking, social signal, directories submission, and press release.

  • Generate a minimum of 10 high authority blog post links every month. For medium low competition industry, it take 2-3 months to rank a set topic keywords into top 10. After 6 months of promotion, the campaign is usually able to deliver great result for 2-3 sets of topic keywords.

  • This state will really take time, and without much patience, many businesses tend to fail at this point.

  • This stage usually take up to 4-8 months to rank a website into top 10 depending on the competition of your niche industry. For high competition niche industry, we recommend to choose higher end packages to deliver faster result.

Expected Result

  • Your ranking and traffic should increase monthly.

  • Page 1 result usually show up after 4-6 months of promotion.

  • Low competition keywords may show up on page 1 result within 3-4 months.

  • High competition may take longer time to show up in page 1 if basic package is chosen.


  • Complete foundation process.

3 Packages in Promotion Stage

(Start From $446/Month)


  • 1 Target URL
  • 5 Primary Keywords
  • 10 Secondary Keywords
  • Foundation Links & Press Release
  • 1X of Social Signals & High Authority Links
  • For Low Competition Niche


  • 1-2 Target URLs
  • 10 Primary Keywords
  • 20 Secondary Keywords
  • Foundation Links & Press Release
  • 2X of Social Signals & High Authority Links
  • For Low or Medium Competition Niche


  • 1-3 Target URLs
  • 15 Primary Keywords
  • 30 Secondary Keywords
  • Foundation Links & Press Release
  • 3X of Social Signals & High Authority Links
  • For Medium or High Competition Niche


  • Foundation links consist of social bookmarking, high PR web directory submission, web 2.0 links and high forum profile links.

  • We do competition analysis and propose the best package to match your niche and target keywords.

  • It is possible to start with basic package but it may take long time to rank in the top 10 result.



Stage #3 – Maintenance

Once you have dominated the page 1 result, you can move on to the maintenance stage. This is because when search algorithms change, it’s equivalent to having your playing decks reshuffled. Or you may end up having your competitor over rank you with greater promotion and backlinks.

Core Activities

  • Monitor your ranking & traffic closely.

  • Tweak your website and make necessary on-page optimization based on latest Google webmaster guideline.

  • Add additional promotion effort to maintain the ranking.

  • Deliver weekly ranking report.

Expected Result

  • Your ranking and traffic should be maintained.

  • However, minor ranking fluctuation may appear while search algorithm changes. It may take some time to gain back the ranking.


  • Complete promotion process.

50% of the monthly fee during promotion stage


Our Guarantee

If you don’t see the expected result after the completion of each stage, we will continue to work free for you until we deliver the promised outcome.

Remember, your online marketing shouldn’t stop there.

You should consider to implement Remarketing Ads and setup a Sales Funnel to double or triple your sales with the same amount of traffic.

I guarantee you will be amazed with the result.